The Southside Boys
New York USA

To All Members And Friends Of The South Side Boys Car Club:
This announcement is being sent to inform of planned changes to be enacted for the club and as a clarification of any previously distributed information regarding the ongoing status and activities of our Club.     
First and most important, please understand that we are and shall continue to be, the South Side Boys Car Club.  However, it has been decided that due to the extensive time and effort required to manage a club of this size, certain Club features and activities must be either scaled back or discontinued. This will result in a much more manageable work load for those who labor behind the scenes to make this the great Club it is.
Beginning on January 1, 2018, as currently planned, the following will be effective:    
1) Breakfast will continue to be held on the last Sunday of each month at the East Bay Diner.
2) A hard copy of the newsletter will not be distributed and a fee will not be collected. As a courtesy, certain Club relevant content which you have been receiving in the newsletter will be available only on line at the South Side Boys web site: WWW.SOUTHSIDEBOYSOFLI.COM  Also, as a courtesy, some of the same content from the current newsletter, including important Club information and updates, will also continue to be posted to this web site. Additionally, as a courtesy, certain important Club information and updates will continue to be emailed to club members only. The member must specifically request to be placed on this mailing list. Information regarding commercial accounts will continue to still be posted on the South Side Boys web site. At the sole discretion of the club this information will be posted without charge as a courtesy to our advertisers.
3) The current plan is that the summer picnic and the Christmas Party will be discontinued.
The embroiderer, Miguel, at Work 'n Wear in Bellmore can still attend to member's needs pertaining to jackets and shirts.
The South Side Boys would like to thank George and his entire staff at Minuteman Press for their outstanding service over the past 20 years.                    
Thank you Joey Carlo, the Board of Trustees and charter members for all the time and effort they have donated. Also, thank you to Pat editor, Jerry, director of technology, Richie, mailing tech, Jerry & Joey, membership and commercial ads, and Carlo, treasurer and sales.
Thank you to all of those who have also volunteered their time and most importantly, to all the loyal members of the South Side Boys Car Club.
Disclaimers: The South Side Boys Car Club reserves to itself all rights including, but not limited to, the right to make changes to any terms and conditions whatsoever regarding either membership in the Club and/or participation in any Club sponsored or related event or activity. By either membership in the Club or participation in any Club sponsored or related event or activity, such member or participant agrees to waive any claim which he or she, their heirs, executors or assigns, may have against either the Club, or any person acting in any capacity related to the Club.